NMI produce and process environment friendly nanomaterials with high performance/cost potentials to support sustainable products and economy prosperity.

0 Dimensional

 InxGa(1-x)N quantum dots (QDs) colloid: InxGa(1-x)N is the major material for blue light and laser diode fabrication. It also shows high solar cell efficiency . Quantum confinement effects together with composition variation allow broader physical properties of  InxGa(1-x)N QDs than corresponding bulk materials, therefore wider applications.
 (InxGa(1-x)N colloids have great potential to revolutionize lightning, display  and solar industry. 

Colloidal GaN quantum dots UV-Vis and Photoluminescence spectra
Carbon dots colloid: NMI carbon dots  (C-dot) are water and organic solvents soluble with high photoluminescence effiency. It is environment and human body friendly nanomateiral. It is an ideal nanomaterial for bioimaging  agent,  drug delivery carrier, and lightning applications.  

Emission of C dot aqueous solution under UV light

TiO2 Nanocrystals colloid: TiO2 is one of the most used materials for its abundance and nontoxic properties. Nanosized TiO2 nanocrystals are important material for UV protection and dye sensitized solar cell applications. NMI proprietary scalable TiO2 synthesis methods allow NMI to produce clear ( not milky)TiO2 solution with high concentration in aqueous  (neutral, acidic and basic  ) and organic solvents.

TiO2 transparent glass formed from closely packed TiO2 nanocrystals.
1 Dimensional

Carbon Nanotube  solution:
    Carbon nanotube (CNT) has high strength, high electric conductivity properties with multiple applications, such as transparent conductive film, electronic devices, etc.  The dispersion of CNT without damaging the surface properties of CNT is of critical importance to harvest the superior properties of pristine CNT. NMI proprietary method is capable of dispersing CNT in high concentration in both aqueous and organic solvents.

Filtration of CNT from CNT solution

Optical image of lightning bolt structure of self assembly CNT

Carbon fiber solution:
    Carbon nanofibers are economically viable choice for multiple applications compared with CNT. Homogeneous dispersion of CF permits even distribution of CF in the final products, such as CF composite, CF film etc. 

Optical image of carbon fiber dried from CF solution
2 Dimensional

Graphene sheets:
     Single layer graphene is 2 dimensional carbon sheet with hexagonal carbon lattice structure.
The high strength , high electric and thermal conductivity of graphene , as well as its high aspect ratio of area to thickness are highly useful properties for electronic, nanocomposites, water
desalination industries. NMI graphene production process permits large area graphene nanoplatelate with less defects.  

Optical image  of grapheme nano platelets
Self assembly of graphene film:
NMI develop a graphene self assembly coating process to uniformly coat surfaces with transparent and electrically conductive graphene film. This solution based process generate uniform and continuous coating of large area graphene on variety surfaces at very low cost.

Transparent conductive self assembly graphene film